Voting for the right Property Appraiser is crucial to ensure your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed. Tomas Regalado has pledged to make Miami-Dade more affordable, expand exemptions, provide an independent voice for property owners, and combat fraud. Support a campaign that understands and values the needs of Miami-Dade’s homeowners and business owners.


Affordability – A Commitment to Keeping Miami Livable

Housing affordability is our top priority. By ensuring fair and accurate property appraisals, we’re taking steps towards keeping Miami-Dade affordable for all residents and business owners.

Everyone dreams of calling Miami home. But as living costs rise, so too must our efforts to maintain affordability. Tomas Regalado is dedicated to implementing valuation strategies that align with the real market, to ensure you aren’t priced out of your neighborhood.

Miami-Dade is our home, and keeping it affordable for our residents is our top commitment. Tomas Regalado believes that no one should be priced out of their community. By striving for fair property valuations, we ensure that everyone, from homeowners to business owners, can thrive in our vibrant county.

For Homeowners

Your home is your most valuable asset. Tomas Regalado values the trust you place in public officials to measure the worth of your property fairly and accurately. Elect Regalado for a property appraiser who stands by your side.

For Business Owners

A thriving local economy depends on fair business property assessments. Tomas Regalado pledges to maintain an environment where businesses in Miami Dade County flourish, contributing to our community’s growth and prosperity.

For Seniors & Veterans 

Tomas Regalado is committed to keeping seniors in their homes and  working to protect the vulnerable. We will push for increased exemptions for seniors, veterans, and low-income families to ease their financial burdens.

Expanding Exemptions – Helping You Save More

Why pay more when you can save? Tomas Regalado understands the financial pressures many are facing today

Tomas Regalado promises to work towards expanding the range of tax exemptions for homeowners and business owners to ease the financial burden on Miami’s hard working residents and business owners. Expanding tax exemptions ensures relief where it’s needed most.  

An Independent Voice –  Empowering Property Owners

Miami-Dade County needs an appraiser who speaks for the people, free from external influence and political interests. Tomas Regalado  will be that independent voice to ensure that the assessments of your properties are impartial and justly executed.

Combating Fraud – Protecting Your Investment

Property fraud is a growing concern, threatening the security of your investment in Miami’s future. By voting for Tomas Regalado, you’re choosing a vigilant advocate who will fight against mortgage fraud, deed fraud, and homestead exemption fraud.